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Global provider of
ZENOVA products

Zensafe is a global provider of ZENOVA products for various commercial and industrial uses.  Our products are designed to provide significant value to our partners, customers, and the environment through energy savings, improve performance, better working and living conditions, and increased safety.

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ZENVOA WB's worldwide application

fire safety products

Worldwide Application

Our fire safety products are utilised in a diverse range of worldwide application from large scale industrial to general domestic, as well as mould prevention in both residential and commercial buildings.
Fire firghter with ZENOVA fire extinguisher

Our vision

to innovate and create solutions that protect both the planet and people

Fire from wood - ZENOVA

Our purose

to provide unique systems for buildings and industries

That serve to:

• Protect the planet through energy conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

• Protect people through fire prevention and improvement of indoor air quality.

IN conclusion

Truly Unique

In conclusion, ZENOVA’s technology is truly unique and has been rigorously tested to prove its superior effectiveness in the market.  With their commitment to sustainability and highly effective products, ZENOVA is leading the way in the future of fire safety.

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