Made With
Natural Materials

Unlike traditional fire retardants that contain harmful chemicals, ZENOVA’s products are made with natural materials that are safe for people and the environment.

protective barrier

Intumescent Reaction

ZENOVA’s technology is based on the principle of creating a protective barrier between the fire and the surface it is trying to consume.  This barrier is created by an intumescent reaction that occurs when ZENOVA’s products are exposed to high temperatures.  The intumescent reaction causes the product to swell, creating a thick barrier that prevents the fire from spreading.


Preventing fires from spreading

This technology has been tested extensively in both laboratory and real-world settings, and the results have been impressive.  ZENOVA’s products have been shown to be highly effective at preventing fires from spreading and reducing the amount of damage caused by fires.

ZENOVA’s fire retardant paints have been tested under the ASTM E84 standard and have achieved a Class A rating, which is the highest rating possible.  This means that they have a low flame spread and low smoke development, making them highly effective at preventing fires from spreading.


Highest Rating possible

Similarly, ZENOVA’s plaster has been tested under the BS 476 standard and has achieved a Class 0 rating, which is the highest rating possible.  This means that it has a low flame spread and does not produce any toxic gases, making it safe for use in both residential and commercial settings.

Finally, ZENOVA’s fire extinguishers have been tested under the EN3 standard and have achieved CE certification, indicating that they meet the highest safety standards in Europe.  They are also designed to be highly efficient, using a unique technology that quickly suppresses fires all classes of fires without causing any damage to the surrounding area.

IN conclusion

Truly Unique

In conclusion, ZENOVA’s technology is truly unique and has been rigorously tested to prove its superior effectiveness in the market.  With their commitment to sustainability and highly effective products, ZENOVA is leading the way in the future of fire safety.

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