Thermal insulating paint

ZENOVA IP thermal insulating paint embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer

10 Years Warranty
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Reasons to use ZENOVA IP

ZENOVA IP is a monocomponent thermal insulating paint. It is an ecological product based on ceramic microspheres which, after application, presents outstanding properties of thermal insulation internally and externally, thermal reflection of sunrays and infrared radiation, anti-condensation and anti-mold characteristics.

Oil & gas pipe lines, aviation, refrigerated trucks, shipping containers, large developments, social housing, historic buildings, hospitals, schools, offices & personal property

ASTM D4803, ASTM C1371, ASTM C1549, ASTM E1980, BS EN 13823:2020, EN 11925-2, EN 13501-1: 2018

10 Years
1 Week
Product: Monocomponent
Aspect: Homogeneous, pasty
Colour: White or other
Density: (g/Cm3) 0,75 ± 0,05
Viscosity: (Cp) 10 000 ± 5 000
Coating: Uniform, continuous, elastic
Dry substance content: 55±5%
Application temperature: 10°c – 130°C
Reaction to fire: b – s1, d0 (bs En 13501-1)
Thermal emittance: 0.880 (Astm C1371)
Solar reflectance: 0.834 (Astm C1549)
Solar reflectance Index: 104
Abrasion resistance: High
Recommended method of applying: Spraying by airless spray gun
Coloured final coating: On demand

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ZENOVA IP in action

ZENOVA IP has been independently tested and validated to deflect, absorb and dissipate up to 75% of this heat, thereby reducing the inside temperature by up to 45%!

Suitable for both exterior and interior, on any type of surface.


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