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Welcome to Zensafe, your preferred destination for ZENOVA products specialising in fire protection and thermal insulation. As the authorised seller of ZENOVA products in the UK and the preferred choice by ZENOVA, we offer you the full ZENOVA range that encompasses the pinnacle of safety and thermal solutions. 

Our lineup features the advanced ZENOVA FX500 and the versatile ZENOVA FX 6L & 9L fire extinguishers, engineered to handle fire emergencies effectively. Additionally, we provide the cutting-edge ZENOVA FP Fire Protection Paint, ZENOVA IP Thermal Insulating Paint, ZENOVA IR Thermal Insulation Render, ZENOVA WB Fire Barrier Fluid, and ZENOVA Primer – all meticulously designed to provide exceptional fire protection and thermal insulation benefits. 

At Zensafe, we are committed to delivering excellence in fire safety and thermal comfort, ensuring your peace of mind. Choose the preferred seller by ZENOVA for your safety needs.

Fire Extinguishers

Suitable for construction, adventure, leisure, kitchens, BBQ’s, vehicles, commercial, hotels & first responders

Paints & Primers

Suitable for oil & gas pipe lines, aviation, refrigerated trucks, shipping containers, large developments, social housing, historic buildings, hospitals, schools, offices & personal property

Wildfire Barrier

Suitable for agriculture, forest fires & personal property

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